Giving back to cancer patients through counseling and proper education on the best natural methods to overcome cancer.

Cancer is Not a Disease is a blog dedicated to helping cancer patients and those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Everyday, we come across stories about overcoming cancer only to be talked into buying products that don't really work. 

As a cancer survivor who battled all odds to overcome brain cancer, I know first hand which treatments work and which ones don't. This is why I am devoting my time, knowledge, and focus on helping others who are now going through the very same things I went through in the past. I want to be, not just an inspiration, but someone who truly gives hope through proven methods that really work.

My goal is to keep others cancer free and healthy. Throughout my bout with cancer, I found out that there are indeed natural ways that can help overcome cancer. I know, because I tried just about anything and everything there was to try, just to regain my health and get rid of cancer once and for all.

Through this website you will learn important information about:

-Tahitian Noni for fighting cancer
-Global Blend for fighting cancer
-Xyng for depression

-Cheat for diabetes, and more

I provide personalized counseling and guidance, with the aim of helping you regain complete healing.

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  1. Diabetes
    This is caused by the pancreas being overloaded and unable to produce enough insuline, They say this is insulin resistance: Very common,More than 3 million US cases per year
    Order the product called "Cheat" in the Store tab. Helps regulate blood sugar levels, Get off the medication! It Will damage your liver and kidneys. There is a 30 day money back gaurantee on the products on this site.
  2. High Blood Pressure
    This causes headaches and people get stuck taking medication to treat it. Often caused by unknown reasons.
    My brother healed himself using the Ultimate Kit in the store tab.
  3. Weight Loss
    Since being on the ultimate kit, i have lost 5 pounds in 6 days, have more energy, better sleep and not my seizure occurrences have been greatly diminished. It has thermogenic meaning fat burning, calorie mitigator which reduces calorie intake by 25%, and colon flush. The average person has 15-20 pounds of undigested food inside of their colon. Lose 5-15 pounds in 8 days.
  4. Cancer
    I had this for 9 years and I am proof you can beat it. Let me help you! I use the products I posted on this site to help stay cancer free. Have not had a seizure in 8 weeks now.
  5. Depression
    I have been in this situation many times so I will share what worked for me. I use the" Xyng"product found in the store tab to lift my mood and energy levels. 1 out of 10 people take an anti-depressant. Use this instead. No adverse side effects.
  6. ADHD
    This is a common diagnosis but the root is that it is a neurological problem that can be helped. The product XR2 and Xyng helps with mental focus.
  7. PTSD
    I know how you can get better, I have seen many successful interventions. The Ultimate kit can help with this.
  8. Epilepsy
    I have had seizures for 9 years, I will tell you what you should be doing to lessen them! I have been seizure free on the ultimate kit product for 8 weeks now. I still take my seizure medication tho.